Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Halloween Queen

I love all holidays...not just Halloween. But because I've really started building up my craft collection lately, it just seems like I've got more Halloween supplies.

I've got my spider web punch, for making stationery...

...or just long garlands of spider webs.

My bat punch, which works for paper corners...

...or across the top of a page.

I've got my cheap Walmart punches...

...which makes nice, tiny punch-outs.

The nicest part, though, is that you can save the paper shapes that are left over. Maybe for use on a spider web garland?

I've got my pumpkin stamp and punch, which allows you to custom-stamp a jack-o-lantern, and then precisely punch out the shape.

You can't forget the dripping blood!

It's easy to find inexpensive Halloween stamps. With the exception of the hand, these all cost $1 each.

I've even got Halloween stationery.

Halloween rats, Halloween bat corners for photos...check!

I bought several $2 candy molds for decorations. These are skulls. Just melt your candy melts in the microwave and spoon into the molds! Tap lightly to eliminate bubbles and refrigerate for about an hour.

You can also spoon the melted chocolate into a baggie or a frosting bottle to write out names. These chocolate names are written on wax paper and harden quickly in the refrigerator. Perfect for putting on cupcakes!

I bought a bat mold, too. I couldn't resist!

I included witches' fingers in my Halloween line up. Just take a walnut-sized ball of sugar cookie dough, roll it out into a general "finger" shape, and bake. I used a knife to make knuckles and slivered almonds for fingernails (attached with a dab of frosting). A bit of cocoa completes the picture!

I made monster eyes, but because I was too impatient to use royal frosting, they aren't very convincing. Good thing they're so tasty!

A friend sent me this...

...so I had to make these!

It was quite a spread!

Even then, I still wasn't done. I made one more trip to Jo Ann Fabrics to hit the clearance section. Halloween linzer cookie cutouts: $3.

More Halloween stamps: $1 each!

And, a bit of a splurge: the Martha Stewart Halloween craft paper set. Full price was $16, and I got it for $9. Still a bit more than I wanted to spend, but I know I'll get years of stickers, tags, and cards out of this:

There are several pages of each design, including a few pages of thick black glittery cardstock that I can't wait to experiment with.

I love Martha's Halloween products! But my bank account is probably relieved that the season has passed.

We haven't just been celebrating because Halloween was near. Last week, my husband and I made the trek to Indiana University for his dissertation defense.

According to his cake...he passed!

Now Dr. Chamberlain and I can settle down and enjoy the cool fall days together. It sure is nice to have things back to normal!

Have a great week!


  1. I have to say I tried out the pumpkin spice scones you posted last week. My darling husband is now requesting them for breakfast quite often! I didn't know how easy scones were to make! Thanks for the great recipe!

  2. They are definitely a favorite around here! :)