Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Handmade Star (Wars) Flakes

The candles are lit...

...and the ornaments are up.

We've put up the Christmas cards we've received, and prepared a batch of cards to go out.

Todd is faithfully opening up his daily advent calendar. I just cut old envelopes in half and stamped the date...

...and filled them with silly jokes, Bible verses, songs, and other little things.

I've been in a rush, because we're getting ready to start our hectic Christmas season, full of family time. I had time, though, to pound out one final Christmas craft and hastily photograph it this morning before it gets tossed in a suitcase.

Star Wars snowflakes!

These weren't nearly as difficult as I expected. I went to Anthony Herrera's website and downloaded the templates for the characters. The printout shows a large circle sectioned off like a color wheel, with one sliver showing half of a Star Wars character's face. You cut out the circle, fold it in half, and fold it, accordian-style, until the character's face is at the top of your wedge. Then, using scissors and a sharp X-acto knife, just cut out the shaded areas.

I made General Ackbar...



Storm Troopers...

Boba Fett...

...and Darth Vader.

It's a great craft for kids and Star Wars fans alike!

Signing off until next year...have a great holiday season!


  1. Thanks! They aren't as hard as they look...although I did slice up my finger and bleed all over the back of the Yoda snowflake!

  2. You are so creative! Love the flakes!

  3. I went to Anthony Herrera's swtor credits website and downloaded the templates for the characters.