Tuesday, October 16, 2012

it's here, my dear!

I had so much to tell you this week...about how the zinnias, which languished all summer, are beautiful and vibrant now...

...and how the cosmos are all going to seed...

...and how the cleomes have formed long, green seed pods, ripening slowly...

I also wanted to mention some of the little creatures I'd seen hiding outside, like this earwig:

 Or how beautiful the hydrangea blossoms are as their color deepens in the cooler weather:

I wanted to tell you those things and more, but while I've been slowly packing, and the cats napping...

...the days were flying by more quickly than I realized.  But it hit home today...in ONE WEEK, I'll be en route to South Carolina with Todd and the pets. 

One week!

Suddenly, I have a thousand things to do.  Mocking stacks of flattened cardboard boxes are leaning against the wall, and they need to be filled.  Things have to be transferred...bank accounts, IRAs, magazine subscriptions, insurance...and I have to find a place to live for a week or so before we close on the South Carolina house. 

At least I remembered to file for an absentee ballot.  Everyone, PLEASE vote!

So, unless I'm stuck in a hotel room in a strange city with a suitcase, two cats, a dog, and my laptop for a week (gulp), I probably won't be posting until we're officially relocated. 

But I'll eventually be back.  Until then!

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  1. What beautiful pictures and a lovely reminder...yes, vote.