Monday, May 19, 2014

Trip Down Memory (Garden) Path

The last of our flowers (Japanese irises) have just finished blooming, and it's a bittersweet moment.  No more flowers until fall.

I've cleared that sunny spot in front of the irises and planted cosmos, marigolds, cone flowers, and zinnias.  I *love* color in the garden.  That's easy to see, just looking at some photos of my old garden in Indianapolis. 

A garden really is like an old friend, and I enjoy looking at these photos and reminiscing.  My dream is to someday have a small farm in the community where Todd and I eventually settle, and remembering my old gardens will help me to build the final one.  Meanwhile, I'm going to enjoy the flower-less space where we currently are...the wide variety of shady trees full of songbirds, the quiet pond with its lazy turtles and drowsy fish, the darting lizards, and the nice deck and sun room that we have overlooking it all.  Also, I can't forget the fantastic solitude/privacy that we have here (so unlike our noisy neighborhood in Indianapolis).  We have a lot of blessings to count!

Since it's spring, I wanted to take advantage of the nice ripe local strawberries.  I decided to make some ice cream for a treat.  I found a wonderful recipe using real vanilla beans...

...and fresh strawberries roasted with sugar and balsamic vinegar.

It sounds like an absolutely terrible combination, but the vinegar gave it a special something...and even though I don't traditionally enjoy strawberry ice cream, I had several helpings!

The original recipe is here.  Enjoy!

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