Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The White Stuff

I joked to Todd recently that I've been poisoned (ivy), bit (mosquitoes), stung (bee), and burned (sun), all in the same day.  That's the perils of working outside when you live in kind of a wild, unruly place, but that certainly won't keep me inside.  Especially this week, which I'm proclaiming the return of the white.  Not very catchy, but it's accurate.

Magnolias are blooming.

They don't last too long off the tree before browning and dropping their filaments, but I look forward to that part, because I think the filaments look like teeny, tiny matches.

And, oh, the gardenias!  Suddenly the air is full of their scent and I won't close the windows for a month.

Our nandina bushes are setting up for their fall berries with tiny white flowers.

Some have a pinkish hue, reminding me a bit of the Autumn Joy sedum (second photo) at our old place.  They look almost identical, don't they? 

The hostas are shooting up purple flowers so pale that they almost looks white.

The astilbes I planted a year or so ago are coming up faithfully, but they're a bit "weedy" for my taste.  Now I understand why it's recommended that you plant them en masse and in a spot where a mid-summer bloomer can come up and take their spot.

The weather is so nice that I take Bosewichte outside for a little of the green he craves.

Tabitha sometimes ventures out onto the porch...

...but she's usually much too busy indoors for that.

Finally, to commemorate the beautiful summer days, a rhubarb-strawberry pie that Todd absolutely devoured (recipe here). 

I'm looking forward to many more beautiful summer days.  Hope you're having a great week!

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