Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Giving a Woof at "Paw"ley's Island

We went to Pawley's Island last week to see some family staying there.  While I prefer the rocky beaches of the west coast, a nice sand beach is pretty nice!

Of course, I always enjoy watching the birds.  These ruddy turnstones (love the name!) picked around in the moss for food.

This willet is looking for a meal, too.

I wonder if he's the one making all these holes in the sand?

Sanderlings were everywhere, too.  They breed only on the high Arctic tundra, so have quite a migration!

This sandpiper joined the fray.

The birds I was most excited about, however, were the pelicans.  They flew right over the water...

Or in formation, right over our heads.

So beautiful!

Especially in flight.

Of course, there were plenty of "paws" at Pawley's Island.  I love watching dogs frisk in the water!

Some just watched from afar but enjoyed it just the same!

When the tide came in, it came right up to the stairs on our rented beach house. 

Then the moon came out...

Ahhh!  It was good to see the ocean again! 

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