Monday, November 16, 2015

The Trouble With Tribbles

Beautiful sunny weather and leaves, leaves, leaves! 

Leaves on the pond...

...and blown into big piles by Todd with the leaf blower.

It seems like all the little creatures are out and enjoying the sunshine.  Meet Irving, our resident woodchuck, who finally sat still for a photo.

He's great fun to watch.  He waddles, then sits and sniffs the air.  He has a pretty funny rolling romp.  When hunched over on all fours, he looks just like a tribble!

Our turtles are still out, taking advantage of the sunny days.

The reclusive anoles can be seen draped over any available surface, drowsing in the sun.

The turkeys are very active this time of year, too.  I love looking through my office window in the morning and seeing a big flock feeding just a few yards away.

I counted 16 turkeys this morning, and I was glad to see that many of them were female.  I can't wait to see some turkey chicks!

How do you tell a female from a male?  Males have those large feathery protrusions on their chests, and females don't.  Females are also smaller than the males. They still have beautiful feathers, though!

Hope you're enjoying these beautiful fall days.

Have a great week!

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