Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Planning ahead...

After an absolutely frigid week, we're finally warming up.  The cats have assumed their customary stations.

I've been too busy with work - and too cold - to do much outside.  I've brought in a few flowers that survived the cold... add a little color to the dining room.  Camellias and helleborus are in full swing...just waiting on the bulbs and forsythia, and finally, the azaleas!

In the absence of outdoor activity, I've mainly enjoyed the view from my office window...

...and planned future projects.  I'm bored with my octagon quilt project, even though I'm only a row away from being done (lap blanket size), so I started a large square that I'll hang up somewhere when completed.

I finished the second panel of my embroidery project.

The two identical pieces fit perfectly in the front wooden panels in our back living room cabinet.

As soon as I locate the first fabric panel, I'll wash, iron, and frame both pieces.  Hopefully it will fit my vision!

I measured the dining room hutch that holds my German pottery for shelf edging.

It's kind of an old-fashioned European style, with embroidered lace or fabric edging hanging down 2 - 5 inches from each shelf.  Sometimes the fabric is embroidered with pictures, or sometimes words.  I'm thinking of embroidering in German one of my favorite quotes about marriage:

"Es ist niche mehr schon, freundlich und charmant Beziehung, Gemeinschaft oder Gesellschaft als eine gute Ehe."

Or, "There is no more lovely, friendly, and charming relationship, communion or company, than a good marriage." 

I found one I *loved* on eBay, but it was $65 and also too long for these shelves.  I'll probably start on my own this spring! 

Speaking of love, we had company on Valentine's Day so didn't do much in the way of "officially" celebrating.  I did make a batch of cookies to mail out to friends and relatives, although much smaller than I usually do due to lack of time.  I just baked basic chocolate sugar cookies and dipped them in melted candy melts.  Then, sprinkled them with candy hearts.

They were individually bagged and I made a little Valentines-themed label for each bag.

Hopefully I'll have more time at Easter for a bigger baking session. 

Have a great week! 

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