Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Bottoms Up!

We went away for our anniversary this weekend.  No more August beach trips for us!  We went to Highlands, North Carolina...a temperate rain forest tucked away in the mountains.  We stayed at a kitschy '60s style mountain lodge and did a lot of relaxing.  It's been so hot and dry in South Carolina that any flowers that survived are basically singed, but oh, everything was in bloom there!

We did a little hiking...

...but we spent a lot of time at the nature center.  Botanical gardens, big pond, lovely shaded walking trails, and, of course, our anniversary just happens to coincide with the bloom time of my beloved water lilies.

We spent at least an hour watching 4 ducks feeding there.

How low can he go?

After a hearty meal, they pushed a path through the lilies...

...and had a nice bath.

So wonderful to see insects again.  It's just been too hot in South Carolina to get outside, even for insects!

So much vibrant green!

I love getting away with my special guy to celebrate our relationship.  He makes marriage pretty easy!

Have a great week!

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