Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Planes, Trains, and Automobile (Trips)

Road trip!  Todd and I went to Washington DC for several days to see friends and do some museum-hopping.  Unfortunately the trip was a bit of a blur for me - I was taking medicine that caused both insomnia and severe nausea, so I only slept a few hours a night and spent our time there in a complete daze.  I'm glad I took a few pictures to help jog my memory!

We had to squeeze in a visit to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.  A lot of the exhibits seemed geared toward children, but I was really pleased to see a real mummy...

...and my favorite exhibit of all, the Bones exhibit!  I think skeletal structures are so beautiful.  Look at this fluid and graceful rib cage!

Really cool.

A nice insect section...

...and some beautiful gems and minerals.

We took the train all around...

Saw the popular places...

My favorite things, though, were the little winding tucked-away garden paths all over the city.

The Museum of American History had some amazing exhibits, although we ran out of time before we could see everything.

The hat Abraham Lincoln wore the night he was assassinated!

Julia Child's kitchen!

A real pennant from Theodore Roosevelt's short-lived Bull Moose party!

A pried-open file cabinet from Watergate!

China patterns and beautiful dresses from the First Ladies.

The Air and Space Museum was more for Todd...

...but it was interesting to see the Discovery shuttle!

I've been studying our early presidents so we had to take time out to see Mt. Vernon.

Many things of historical interest...

...but for me the best part was the landscape itself.  I've read a lot about how Washington had been very deliberate in its planning.  He laid down the wide, graceful paths and planted many beautiful trees and viewed the place as a retreat from the cares of life.  During the war, he thought obsessively about it and sent detailed instructions for improvements to the caretaker.  Despite the crowds, I got a real sense of serenity and beauty.

Virginia and Washington DC have beautiful sunsets...

...but I was so glad to get home to rest!  I think I'm going to sleep for days.

Have a great week! 

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