Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Festivals, Hikes, & Temperatures I Like

Road trip weekend!  Of course, I continue to be a terrible traveler.  Carsick?  Absolutely (thankfully, no picture exists of me hunched over Todd's rain jacket in lieu of a plastic vomit bag).  Insomnia?  Check.  General queasiness?  Absolutely.  But we still managed to have a good time. 

We went to North Carolina to visit family, hike, and attend the John Campbell Folk School annual festival.  Wow, what a crowd!

Over 200 vendors were selling pottery, fiber goods, plants, food, metal ware, wooden furniture (and lots of birdhouses!), and many other things.  I loved the intricate work in the coin carving booth...

...loved seeing all the cool things created out of wood and metal...

...and all the fiber arts exhibits - knitting, weaving, and quilting.

Live music, too!

I love this image.  It is scarcely different from what we would've seen 150 years ago - a woman bent over a roasting chicken, a quilt over the vehicle entrance to keep the dust out.  Replace the old pick-up with a covered wagon and it's suddenly 1860!

North Carolina is beautiful.

And, might I add, much cooler than where we live.  Nighttime temperatures were in the mid-40s (!!!!) and we had amazing 55 degree weather while we hiked.  The perfect hiking temperature, I think! 

Borga was raring to go.

She slept in my lap the whole way home!

Here in SC, we're finally experiencing cool mornings and nights, although days are still in the mid-80s and expected to reach 86 again by the weekend.  But there are more signs of impending cooler weather.  Our turkeys are back! 

I've seen them several times, and I hear them gobbling noisily every morning. 

Our window screens are covered by shield bugs, just like every autumn. 

They're harmless, but they're trying to get inside so they can over-winter in our walls.  We see them inside sometimes, especially in the spring when the warmer weather wakes them from their winter stupor. 

Meanwhile, the cats are just taking it easy, regardless of the temperature.

Have a great week!

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