Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Green & Bear It

Despite a recent cold snap, I'm seeing more and more green every day.

The yard is an absolute riot of color.  I love seeing all the different shades of pink, even though I have not traditionally liked pink flowers (except for peonies...swoon!).

I'm still out picking...

...and making my bouquets.

The robins keep me company while I gather!

I take note of all the spring growth.  Every day, a little more progress on sprouting out.

I've been bringing some spring into the house, too, and not just the flowers.  I changed all the fabrics to light-colored ones...

...made up some little 'nests' with ceramic eggs I bought years ago...

...and set out, here and there, some of the needlework that belonged to Todd's grandma.

So cheerful and spring-like...and I've added to the visual inspiration this pair of 'vintage' embroidered strawberry pillow shams from Garnet Hill...snagged at a thrift store for a dollar!

I've been very, very slowly working on my quilt.  I have random stars everywhere.

Making this particular quilt was a spontaneous decision, and one that I'm regretting a little.  I miss paper piecing.  Also, I wish I would've ordered a coordinated fat quarter bundle so that the overall appearance would be more cohesive.  All the fabric I used came from my stash, so it's very random.  I have learned some valuable lessons, though...pressing seams to the side instead of open creates more accurate points.  And, since this is my first time making HST (half-square triangles), I've been able to experiment and find a really accurate way to square them up.  So even if this quilt isn't as beloved as my other two, I'm glad that I made it.

Meanwhile, we'll just continue to enjoy the sun, the flowers, and the birds, and keep an eye on future spring developments!

Have a great week!

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