Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Livin' La Vida STAR WARS

Today is my second day of comfortable slippers and fuzzy pajamas.  I'm going to read, and eat chocolate oatmeal, and nap. Why the life of leisure?  Well, I'm recovering from Star Wars Celebration 8, of course!

I left my professional career several years ago to ramp up a hobby business that Todd was running on the side.  Originally meant to be a stopgap until I finished a master's degree, it's taken on a life of its own now.  My business is mainly online, but we always go to Star Wars Celebration, even when it's 3000 miles away!

While we love seeing our friends in the hobby, Celebration is WORK.  First there's the pre-show prep of sorting and pricing items...then loading the cargo van and driving 10 hours to the convention center.  Here it is, west wing.

Our booth was 10' x 10', but thankfully we were able to spill over into the empty space next to us.  It was a real lifesaver, because we always bring a lot of stuff.  The evolution of unpacking:

Seventy thousand people attended this year, and I think every one of them came to our booth!

We were swamped from the moment we arrived at the booth in the morning until closing time at 7 p.m.  Then we stayed after for 2 hours (or more), tidying stock and pricing additional merchandise. Then it was up again at 7 a.m. the next day, and we did it all over again.  For four days!  Phew.  These conventions are always really lucrative for us, but speaking as an introvert who gets worn down quickly by the ambient noise and constant crush of customers, I am glad they only occur once every two or three years!

We get great feedback from people, though.  They love to see the vintage items they played with as kids.  From our booth space, too, we get to see a lot of cool costumes.

This is a light saber handle.

Lots of Princess Leias.

And...some other guys.

Four days of chaos, and then, at the end of day four, the six-hour process of tearing down the booth and packing things up.

The convention center seemed so small after people started moving out!

After packing up and a few hours of sleep, another 10 hour drive and then another unload of the cargo van.  Counting travel time, 6 days of moving boxes, little sleep, junk food, and chaos took their toll.  Todd and I were so sore and exhausted on Tuesday morning that we could barely move.  Today is a little better, and although I will certainly stay in my pajamas, work will begin again.   I'm looking forward to healthy food (I never thought I'd say this, but I'm absolutely sick of pizza) and SILENCE. It takes about a week to recharge!  Meanwhile, I'll wear pajamas, cuddle kittens, and enjoy our peaceful green space, where nary a light saber or ill-advised Princess Leia bikini can be found.

Have a great week!

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