Monday, May 8, 2017

A confetti storm, plus a real one

We had another one of those crazy, 5-minute micro storms last week.  Another storm, another 100-foot tree down!

Thankfully, Todd is pretty handy with a chain saw.

We carved out a little time to go hiking this weekend.  We love to hike, but hate humidity. Thankfully, we've had a little cool snap here, so we were able to stretch our legs in comfort.  I'm annoying to hike with because I'm always stopping to examine things on the trail.  I can't help it...there are so many wonderful things to see!

The beautiful loose lace of this insect-eaten leaf.

The repeating curves and points of this lovely brown pine cone.

The unusual tips and colors of this young leaf.

The steady unfurl of this fern frond.

Can't you imagine this to be the setting for a tiny village?

The chaos of an old spider web, like some sort of woodland constellation.

A mushroom, pushing up through the leaves.

The splintering of some shaggy-bark tree.

The iridescence of this tiny fly's wings, sitting in a small patch of sunlight:

The unusual twist and hook of an old piece of grape vine:

The steady progress of this tropical buckeye caterpillar:

Check out those spines!

And we can't forget the beauty of woodland flowers:

It's so pleasurable to be catch a little glimpse of this hidden world!

In other news, I've definitely been in a sprinkles mood lately.

I made Smitten Kitchen's Confetti Cookies this week.  The addition of cream cheese to a standard sugar cookie dough gives a real richness and softness to the resulting cookie, and rolling the dough balls in sprinkles before baking adds a very satisfying crunch.  These cookies don't need a bit of frosting!  And they're so cheerful.  I highly recommend them.

Have a great week!

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