Wednesday, June 26, 2013

seed 'n feed

Last week, I bought a new bag of bird seed.  Todd left it on our side patio, by the feeders.  It did not take long to become a major attraction.

First came the squirrels, who ripped open the bag...

...and indulged freely.

The chipmunks were next.  Look at those stuffed cheeks!

The birds made off with the leftovers...chickadees and tufted titmice, mostly.

The cats thoroughly enjoyed their undisputed status as mighty hunters from a safe distance!

We bought a patio set this weekend...

After a while, I noticed something lumpy on one of the umbrella supports.

It was a tree frog!

A nice surprise!  We've really enjoyed the patio set and occasionally eating outside.  The wonderful smell of the gardenias wafts up, and the mimosa tree by the pond is in bloom.  It is so beautiful.  The flowers look like tiny flames in the sun.

(Many thanks to Todd's point-and-shoot camera for these pictures...I've had some issues with mine!)

I bought an interesting indoor plant recently.  I'd never heard of bog plants, but these carnivorous pitcher plants looked so different that I couldn't resist.

They need to rest in water at all times, and need full sun (fingers crossed that my greenhouse window will provide enough light).  They catch small gnats and other insects.  I bought two varieties that have official Latin names, but I am not motivated enough to run and check them.

I have the "short, round" variety:

And the "tall" variety:

I always like a little diversity, so I'm really happy to have them!

I haven't been outside as much.  It's been very hot, and the mosquitoes are pretty merciless.  Instead, I've been working inside, on puzzles.  I have one set up at the far end of the dining room table at all times, and I absolutely love taking a spare minute to put a few pieces together.

As soon as I finish one, I start another.

I'm finishing one per week, or even a little more quickly.

I used to do puzzles all the time when I was younger.  I'm so glad to be back in the saddle again!

Have a great week!

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