Wednesday, July 3, 2013

May the fourth (of July) be with you

We have house guests coming this week, the first of a whole series of guests.  We're both really excited, but I have to admit to being a nervous hostess.  When I was growing up, my grandparents never - ever - entertained.  When I moved away from home for college, I lived with other people.   When I finally had my own house, I just wasn't used to having people over, so it rarely occurred to me to do so.  After I married, with our small house and Todd's busy dissertation schedule, we didn't entertain much. But now we have a big house with a guest room and bathroom, and I am finally ready to have guests.  I'm still nervous and feeling my way through this, though.  Will they have fun?  What will we do? How much down time?   I'm a bit high-strung by nature and anything that pulls me out of my routine/comfort zone is a challenge.  I'm sure it will get easier, and I'll focus on the basics.  My first instinct - flowers.

The flowers in our one full-sun spot are in full bloom.  Shasta daisies...

Bee balm...


I was pleased to see that the 25 blazing star bulbs I planted were coming up nicely, too.

I filled my basket with these flowers, and ferns, magnolia leaves, mint, gardenias, japanese maple branches, and other greenery.  Then, I made bouquets and put them...everywhere.

Lantana and ferns for the bathroom (not too much, since our guests are teenage boys!)...

...and simple shasta daisies by the bed.

And many, many others.  I've put them all over the house. 

While the cats relaxed...

...I cleaned the house and got everything ready.  Bring on the guests!

While I was outside picking flowers, I saw some really cool fungus growing out of an old magnolia seed pod.

It's so beautiful!

I had planned to post a Fourth of July cake today.  I made the cake - white, with alternating red and white layers and a top "tube" of blue, so that it looks like a flag when you cut into it - but I cut the stabilizing layer accidently and the whole cake fell apart.  I cemented it together with icing and it's waiting in the freezer to be devoured by our not-too-picky guests.

I'll be back in 2 weeks with a new post.  Have a great holiday!

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