Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Beautiful Bogs

Recently, the South Carolina Master Gardener Association hosted another plant sale at the Botanical Gardens.  I didn't want to go, because I'd just spent a fortune on live plants and bulbs from Bluestone Perennials.  But somehow, pulled by an unseen force, we found ourselves there last Saturday. 

Once again, I was drawn to the bog plants.  They are just so cool!

Each interior plant surface is covered in little sticky hairs...

...perfect for catching hold of tiny legs.

I believe these plants emit a sweet smell, too.  We saw lots of insects visiting.  Mostly bees, who tested the waters...

...before drifting headlong toward the danger zone.

(Soundtrack available here:)

The bee gets too far in and slips down the long stalk.

Unbelievably, some bees are able to chew their way out before being dissolved:

These bog plants come in lots interesting shapes...

 ...and colors.

Many even flower.

The bog plant I bought in the spring is barely hanging on, mainly because it just didn't get enough sun this summer.  I'm hoping my new bog plant will do better!

The beautyberries around the house have all ripened.

The toad lilies I planted in the spring are blooming.

This 'mystery plant' has bloomed...

...and has proven to be the first camillia of the fall.

We have oak trees, so we have acorns.

I've been collecting them, because I'd like to make an acorn wreath.  I love them at this stage.  Some have started to turn brown...

But most are that lovely Granny Smith apple-green color.

I think I'll have enough soon!

I've been baking again...TWO batches of homemade Oreos...

...and I finished embroidering those pillow cases.

The main thing I've been doing, though, is studying.

That's right - I'm going back to school.  I'm going to apply to the Master's program for Entomology at Clemson University next year.  I've loved insects for years, and I just need a change.  The only problem is that I'm a little lacking in the math department.  I goofed off in high school and never took anything beyond Pre-Algebra.  It took me two semesters in college to pass Algebra, and I muddled through a senior-level Stats class and Finite Math, also as a senior...but I've never taken any other math class.  Ever.  So now I'm teaching myself Algebra (note:  it's not just like riding a bike), and then I'll teach myself Geometry.  Fingers crossed that I'm able to get a decent score on the GRE this winter and move forward!

Hope you're having a good week!

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