Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Tale of Two Cookies

As usual, I wanted to make a Valentine's Day dessert for Todd's office.  I was originally set on a layer cake, but then I saw these beautiful red velvet rose sandwich cookies and changed my mind.  The original recipe is found on I Am Baker's site, and I didn't modify it a bit.

Using my M1 tip, I piped out the roses...

They really did look "rose-like":

However, once they baked, they flattened a bit.  Because I was rushing to catch the light, as usual, I didn't take as much care in getting the rose shape right.  Still, they were passable as roses:

The remarkable thing was the almost rubbery quality of their tops.  Just casual touching/pressing didn't mar the shape.  I guess it's the shortening in the dough that helps it to retain its original form.

The filling was marshmallow buttercream with almond extract:

I thought the almond overwhelmed the marshmallow flavor, personally, and I would halve it the next time. 

Despite their rubbery tops, the cookies were amazingly soft and flavorful.  I sandwiched them all together and got between 20 and 25 sandwiches.  Unfortunately, Clemson closed due to inclement weather, and Todd and I were snowed in for four days with red velvet rose sandwich cookies.  I gained 2.6 pounds that weekend (each sandwich cookie = 250 calories), and there were no cookies left for Todd's office the following week.

Back to the drawing board!  I had these cute miniature sprinkles:

I'd seen a "Lofthouse" iced cookie recipe on the Annie's Eats site (here), and decided to try it.  These are those big, soft iced grocery store cookies that are so good.  Each cookie is 1/4 cup of dough, so they baked up really, really big.

I wasn't letting myself sample the dough or the frosting, but I wish I would've.  The frosting, in my opinion, needed more butter to 'cut' the sweetness of the powdered sugar.  If you make it, taste it and make your own determination.

Simple frosting, tinted a very pale pink, with cheerful heart sprinkles.

These were a HUGE hit, and when I finally tasted one, I could see why!  Super soft and sweet.  I'm just glad I wasn't snowed in when these were in the house.  Yes, the snow finally melted...

...and the temperature veered suddenly into the upper 60s.  We're back into the 50s this week, but the warm blast sure woke things up in the garden.

More camellias bloomed.




Surviving the cold...my little bronze fern...

...and nettle plants.

I pulled out my 'picking tray' and filled it full of flowers.

Bouquets for the house...

...and bouquets for my office.

Nothing cheers up a space like bright flowers.

Have a great week!

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