Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Around the Homestead

It's been a very busy long weekend around here, but I love being productive.  I started working on refinishing a work table for my model kits.

I made little topiary trees for the fireplace, inspired by something I saw recently on Pinterest.  I bought some floral cones and moss at Michael's...

I originally attached the moss with double-stick tape, which was a terrible idea.  I had to go back with my glue gun to re-affix the moss.

Some sticks from the yard, placed in terra cotta pots...and voila!

I'm pleased!

I made a rough corkboard collage of some of my favorite things, which will eventually hang somewhere in my office:

Speaking of my office, I'm currently trying to select a paint color for it.  This is something I'm absolutely terrible at doing, because I gravitate toward very light green, which always looks like toothpaste when it goes up:

So much for a sophisticated slate blue:

...and a bold, overwhelming green:

I think I've finally settled on, ironically enough, Carolina Inn Club Aqua.

Who knows what I'll decide tomorrow, though! 

I organized my messy cooking shelves...

...with the help of a Todd-built device:

I started framing some things, like these Victorian bird puzzles Todd got for me a year ago.  Better late than never! 

I did a ton of work in the yard, and I also baked all - weekend - long.  I made chocolate chip cookies (unphotographed), and orange sherbet (too strong for me, but Todd loves the bittersweet treat that uses the zest of 3 oranges):

A tender, tangy grapefruit loaf:

Lots of baguettes:

Chocolate whoopie pies...

...and boxed them up for some neighbors.

Also, I made gnocchi for the first time.  It's actually much easier than I expected it to be, although you have to plan ahead.  I baked two potatoes and mashed the innards up with an egg, salt, and flour...

Then rolled the resulting mixture into ropes, and cut them.

I boiled the little squares in salted water for a few minutes, and they were done.

They tasted a little bland to me, alone, but with a little salt and pepper, and mixed with caramelized onions and roasted asparagus...

...they made a pretty tasty meal for Todd!

The recipe is here at Smitten Kitchen.  It was quick and easy, and I was able to freeze half of it for another meal.  Success!

Hope you're having a productive week! 


  1. I really enjoy my sewing room in a light blue. I felt
    happy every time I walked into the room. Good
    luck on picking the color that's right for you.

  2. I've already changed my mind! I have narrowed it down to two shades of green...one a light olive and one a light grassy green...because I'm surrounded by trees and thought it might be nice to have that reflected inside...but we'll see how the sample paint plays out! :)