Monday, February 2, 2015

.95 Socks - You "Otter" See!

I have a very short attention span when it comes to knitting, so when I'm in the midst of a lengthier project, like this sweater...

...I *have* to have another project going.  I decided to make a pair of 'stash socks' from the piles and piles of yarn in my cabinet.  I chose a wool-silk blend (Sundara fingering weight), as well as a ball of 'mystery white' that I picked up at a thrift store.

Since the Sundara was a gift, these socks officially only cost .95 to make...and I have a TON of yarn left over.  A quick knit, although stranding two colors on the heel and gusset was kind of a pain.  I can't believe how quick and easy these were to make.  I'm sure I finished them in just over a week.

When you're dealing with thrift store yarn, you have to be careful.  Sometimes it's old, nasty, squeaky acrylic that's no fun to knit with.  I usually give it the 'tug test' to make sure it's got some give to it.  There's a burn test you can do that seems unduly complicated (does the burned bit smell like celery or vinegar?  Is the smoke white or black?  Is the residue ashy or beady?).  Out of curiosity, I burned some wool...

...and then my mystery yarn.

Since the wool was self-extinguishing, and the mystery yarn burned into a crushable bead, I determined that it was some sort of acrylic, but a nicer acrylic that I didn't mind using (I can be a bit of a fiber snob).  Now the socks are done, and I've only got the arms to knit for the sweater.  Then on to the next project! 

I've been keeping a close eye on the little creature in our pond.  At first, because of our chewed trees - and the fact that I could only see its head - I thought it was a beaver.  But earlier this week, I saw it frisking about in the sun, and I was able to get some clear shots with my new lens.  That was no was a river otter! 

I am in serious river otter love.  I've already named him Clovis and have been worrying about him finding a mate.  River otters are very social animals, but I've only seen Clovis and no other playing around the edges of the pond.  Will he be too lonely?  I was ready to bring him a chicken carcass yesterday, too...just in case he might be hungry...but Todd assured me that he had plenty of fish to eat.  So I'll try to let nature take its course and just enjoy his playful antics. 

Meanwhile, I've been keeping an eye out and photographing creatures big... small.

I am really enjoying this lens.

Have a great week!

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