Friday, April 24, 2015

home sweet home

Right before we left on our trip, I walked around the house and took pictures of everything.  We were leaving right in the middle of "azalea season" and I knew they'd be gone by the time we got home.

I gathered up all the azalea bouquets in the house for disposal, but not before taking a quick picture...

We were away for almost two weeks, most of the azaleas are withered, but life goes on.  The peonies are blooming...

...and our clematis vines are in flower.

We're enjoying the pond and all of the creatures there. 

Of course, we have the usual suspects around the house.

I'm feeling a little bit like this squirrel right now.  Our time away was incredibly hectic, and even though I've still got my business on hiatus to get some breathing space this week, all of my time is filled with yard work.  I've spent days blowing out beds and weeding, and I have barely made a dent!  I love seeing the insects, though.  Here is a Sigmoria millipede:

Tiny ladybug nymph:

Carpenter bee:

Eastern Tent caterpillar:

I have photographed and written about them before, but I never get tired of seeing them! 

The front bed is done, at least...

...but I'm ready to dive back in before the rain comes.  Have a great week! 

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