Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Zest For Nest

Lots of singing by our front door, and a flurry of activity too:  a pair of house finches were attempting to build a nest in one of our hanging ferns!  This is not an ideal location, because we use the front door a lot and it's very disruptive to nesting birds.  I moved the fern before they'd had a chance to do more than make an indentation amid the fronds.  Here is the male, doing his part...

The female is more drab, but still has beautiful patterning on her feathers.

They aren't the only ones nesting.  I've noticed a pair of canadian geese hanging around...

It wasn't long before I spotted the female sitting on a gigantic nest, right across the pond from us.  GOSLINGS!!  I can't wait!

We have a lot of nature activity now.  Our wonderful towhees wake us up in the morning with their song.  

White-tailed deer feed in our yard daily.

Turtles sun themselves...

Fish leap...

...and I'm seeing more insects again!  Just 'garden variety,' like this carpenter ant pulling his lacewing prey to his nest.

A young millipede, recoiling from the sun.

A pillbug, doing what he does best.

A fat butterfly, gathering nectar.

A dragonfly with an amazing iridescent copper-colored abdomen.

We love seeing all the creatures busily going about their days!  Our creatures, meanwhile, are just enjoying the sun.

Everything is green and lovely, and we spend time by the pond...

...or working in the yard.

It's a great time to be in South Carolina!

Have a great week!

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