Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Scallops and Stars

A yarn haul!  Knitpicks has their annual sale right before Thanksgiving, and I always take advantage of their great deals.  I spent $50 and got ALL THIS YARN!

The back row is going to be a slate blue fair isle sweater with a mustard, red, grey, tan, cream, and green yoke.  The grey yarn in front on the left is going to be a shoulder-covering cowl.  The rest of the yarn is fingering weight.  I bought it because I like the colors (a little more subdued than appears in this photo) and they'll be great for hats and other stranded projects.  Hooray!

I finally got to wear my recently-knitted mittens in Missouri last week and I love them.  They're my favorite mittens ever because they're so snug and warm. 

Every night I've slowly been working on a scarf with scalloped wedges.  It's knitted and purled through the back loop on BOTH sides of the project, so I won't be done any time soon.  It's all right...I'm not in a hurry.

I haven't done a bit of quilting in the past 2 weeks...no time.  Before my trip, though, I did select a pattern for my new quilt and did a sample block with "junk" fabric.

It's a star within a star.  I'm going to be using peach, cream, sage green, and mustard colored fabric.  I can't WAIT to get started!!

The weather has been cooling off here, and the leaves are beautiful.  This is the view from my home office window:

I admire it daily!  Todd and I were out in the yard this weekend and I took more pictures of beautiful leaves. 

Borga kept an eye on things while Todd moved loads of dirt for a project he's working on.

Red berries!

An early camellia!

And still, more acorns than I've ever seen in my life.

We've finally turned the heat on, which means that we've gone from having 3 pets to having 1.  The cats stay under the main couch in the back living room and soak up the warmth from the floor vents.  They only venture out when I open a can of cat food.  ;)

It's been a bit of a sober few weeks at our house.  Todd and I have been disheartened over this election and all the ugliness that it's uncovered.  We're both committed as Christians to protecting the disenfranchised groups that are being marginalized by the Trump train, but reading the daily rhetoric has been so discouraging.  This will be a poignant Thanksgiving for us as we reflect on our blessings and see how we can move forward with our social justice aims.

Have a great week!

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