Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Pom Poms and Polar Bears

Rain, rain, rain!  It's probably been two months since we've had more than a 10-minute sprinkle.  I have missed it so much!

Not just rain, but quite a bit of wind.

Some bigger branches came down...

...and the pond filled with leaves, like it does every fall.

Our back Japanese Maple has very few leaves left, but the remaining ones are nice to look at!

We have a dwarf Japanese Maple in the front.  The leaves are the most beautiful brilliant red color!

Even the peonies are showing off today!

Between storms, squirrels are out and digging.

It's a lot easier to see their nests now, big tangles of leaves tucked away between branches.

The turkeys are out every morning, but it's always too dark to get a good picture.  Thankfully, our goslings - all grown up now! - are back.  I love to see them in the pond!

Since it's still quite warm (70 today!), I keep the windows open, both for the fresh air and for cat entertainment.  Tabitha is content to sit on a window sill and contemplate...

...but Bosewichte's long face is deliberately trying to make me feel guilty for keeping him indoors!

This is my busy season for work, so I don't have nearly as much time to craft.  I did recently finish a secret Christmas knitting project, with homemade pom poms!  I love them and am going to pom pom my next hat.

I spray-basted my 3 quilt layers, sweaty work crawling around on the stone tile and trying to straighten every wrinkle.  When finished, I tossed it over a rocking chair and am thinking about starting to machine quilt it...when I have time!

I recently got a good deal on some fat quarters of fabric, so named because they're one quarter of a yard.  Normally $2.50, I got these for around .40 each!  I'm not sure what I'll do with them, but it's nice to start growing a stash.

I recently bought this Alicia Paulson ornament-making kit that I ***LOVE***.  The tiny felt mitten design will be hand-stitched.  I want a white / brown / red theme for our Christmas tree so this is PERFECT!  And how cute is this coat?  I want this in a full-size model!

A clerk at the local Salvation Army gave me this mug for free when I asked about the price.  I brought it home and filled it with holly from the yard.  Now it's starting to feel a little festive!

It's dark and overcast now, and a storm is coming in this afternoon.  I just can't wait.  It reminds me of a book passage I read this week: 

"She rearranged the fire a little, mostly for the pleasure of handling the fluted steel poker, and sat down beside it.  Tea was already laid; there were honey sandwiches, brandy-snaps, and small ratafia biscuits; and there would, she knew, be crumpets.  Three new library books lay virginally on the fender stool, their bright paper wrappers unsullied by the subscriber's hand.  The clock on the mantlepiece chimed, very softly and precisely, five times.  A tug hooted from the river.  A sudden breeze brought the sharp tang of a bonfire in through the open window.  The jigsaw was almost complete, but there was still one piece missing...Mrs. Miniver, with a little sigh of contentment, rang for tea."  [Jan Struther, author]  

Doesn't that paint a lovely picture?  This weekend is supposed to be much cooler.  I'm going to make crumpets and curl up by the fire with a good book.  One of the many pleasures of my beloved fall.

Have a great week! 

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