Thursday, March 27, 2014

Surf's Up

Todd and I recently returned from a trip to California.  Even though it's been nice here in South Carolina, it's nothing like San Diego.

It seemed like every tree, bush, and stalk was in bloom.

We saw so much wildlife.  This rabbit barely moved as I crept up with my camera.

We especially love seaside nature.  So many birds!  Cormorants...


Other miscellaneous shore birds...

I never get tired of watching harbor seals.

Sea lions, too!

Every day was sunny and 75 degrees.  The coast was just beautiful.

We got a kick out of watching the surfers.  They never did catch "the big one"!

It was beautiful...just beautiful.  California, we'll see you next year! 

Hope you're having a sunny week, wherever you are!

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