Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The View From My Window

Todd and I recently returned from two back-to-back trips.  I'm always a bit anxious about traveling in the spring, because I just hate to miss early spring growth.  If you're a gardener, I'm sure you understand.  For example, our snowdrops reached their prime two weeks ago.

The redbuds came and went...

Same with our forsythia.

Thankfully, we're back just in time for the true glory of a Southern spring.  The dogwood blossoms that were just starting to unfurl a week ago...

...are now in full bloom.


The tentative hostas...

...are now up and running.  That's a hydrangea in the background...we're hoping to keep the deer out with these tomato cages!

Ferns are spiking up their new growth.

Last year I scattered muscari bulbs all around the front yard, and we've caught the tail end of their flowering.

They make the perfect miniature bouquets.

I'll never get tired of them!

Trees are flowering everywhere.  This is the view from the street in front of our house:

I couldn't bear to miss our mass flowering of purple irises, and thankfully they aren't ready to flower for another two weeks.

A few camellia trees are still blooming...

And oh, we missed a week of it, but it's still AZALEA TIME around here!  Gratuitous azalea shots:

These delicate light pink ones are my favorite.

The view from every window in the house shows color and more color.  The view from the greenhouse window in the kitchen is my favorite:

I like the back dining room window view, too:

We've had friends and family visit in the summer and fall, but I highly encourage them to consider the spring.  It's just amazing!

I hope you've got some color wherever you live.  Have a great week!

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