Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Life in the Slow Lane

Life at 75 open.  Sweaters put away.  Birds singing.  Frogs calling.  Flowers everywhere.

Sky a brilliant blue.

Red plaid pillows put away, and I made some new ones for the season.  This green envelope pillow took about 15 minutes.  No measuring.  Just picked out the fabric...

...sewed the seam, made sure one side overlapped the other by a couple of inches, and...spring pillow!

Trees are still bare, but our firs are putting out their tiny cones.

Almost all of the wood from our double-trunk poplar tree is gone.  This leaves a massive area to turn into a garden!

We bought 2 Indian Hawthornes and several evergreen bushes to give it background structure.  Then we'll fill in with flowers.  I can't wait!

We're also about to fix our side fence that was knocked down in the storm last year.

This too is an area that can be filled with flowers now that it gets some sun.  I'll be hitting up the clearance bin at Lowe's every week for this!

I haven't spent much time working on my quilt lately, but it's already getting quite a bit of use.

Have a great week! 

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