Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Wild Kingdom

The warm weather has really brought out the animals! 

Little anoles are everywhere, warming themselves in the sun.

The pond is full of turtles and ducks again.  Geese come in at dusk and add to the cacophony of sound!

This red-tailed hawk is having a quick drink at the pond's edge.

We hear frogs and toads all the time now.  This southern toad hopped right by my feet the other night when Todd and I were playing Scrabble by the water.  Don't his eyes look like beautiful amber rings?

Birds are absolutely everywhere, but I was delighted to catch one of my favorites in a gardenia bush this morning...the towhee!

And then the usual suspects...

 The unusually warm weather has really caused rapid plant budding.  This tree went from this...

...to this...

...in just a few days!  Buds, buds everywhere.

The weather has pushed our azaleas into a bit of a premature bloom.  The front bushes are absolutely frothy with flowers.  The others are starting to bud and will all be going soon.

The camellias are still going strong.  Which means, of course:  more bouquets.

Todd mowed down the leaves in the back yard.  It's dirt now, but soon the ivy will take over and we'll have green again.

Nights are balmy now.  Bring on the board games!

Have a great week! 

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