Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Pillow Cases, Kitten Faces, Beautiful Places

Work has been a little slower this past week, so I've been on a major creative streak.  Inspired by the budding trees (and also desirous of using up some impulsively-purchased variegated yarn), I started knitting a pair of spring-green socks.

I'm always picking up these teeny tiny frames at thrift shops.  They're great for tiny cross stitch and embroidery projects.  I finished off this trio last weekend.  Cross stitch can be kitschy, but these are so small and unobtrusive that I think they add a nice little pop of color on our nature-themed wall bookshelves.

I also finished my vintage-inspired German shelf edging project. 

It was easy to do.  I took the end from an old pillow case...

...cut it in half, pinned it up, and sewed the edges under.  No measuring involved.

Then I selected a font and printed my template.

Then it was just a matter of embroidering a little every night.  I'm fairly happy with the finished product.  I wholeheartedly agree with the phrase, I am a huge lover of the German language, and this is most of the German pottery I collected on my trips overseas, so it is all very pleasing to me.

This has been a great week, because our spring peepers are back.  They're still a little tentative right now, but pretty soon we'll be hearing their deafening night chorus.  Eating supper in the sun room with all the windows open, the sun setting on the water, and the spring peepers crying out has become one of my favorite spring memories of South Carolina and something I look forward to every year.  I've gotten so fond of them that I've now got a CD of frog calls, just in case our next house isn't on a pond. 

Our herons are going crazy with this sudden abundance of food.

Flowers, flowers everywhere.

Big forsythia branches, brightening up the kitchen.

Cats in windows, faces tipped up to catch the breeze.

Yes, the spring is a very happy time here.  So many times phrases about the beauty of nature seem a little trite, but with every passing spring I find myself marveling more and more at what God has created here.  Spring is definitely a very special time.

Have a great week! 

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