Monday, May 9, 2016

Oh, Deer...More Creatures!

A second goose has been nesting on the pond.  That means...more goslings.  Squeal!  I call them "the goz" and get a great deal of joy out of my daily sightings. 

Our first group of hatchlings are getting so big.

I see them every day, poking around down by our fireplace...

...and all around the water's edge.

Their parents stay close.

I love to see them single-file in the water...

...with a protective goose at the beginning and end of the gosling line.

Our deer pack has been coming around quite a bit.

We've also seen a little muskrat on a regular basis.  He reminds me so much of the sweet little beaver family we used to enjoy watching.

Southern toads are taking over!  You almost can't go outside without one hopping around by your feet.

Their familiar calls add to the cacophony we hear at night. 

We've been hard at work on the fence so that the kittens will have an outdoor place to prowl around.  The fence is up and the bottom gaps have been filled in with bricks, but we still need to complete the doors and painting.  Still, they've gotten a little sample.

While working there yesterday, I discovered a praying mantis ootheca!

It's much smaller than the ones I'm used to seeing.  The ones in Indiana were more rounded and bulky.

The Indiana mantids were Chinese mantids, and we have South Carolina mantids here, which are much smaller.  It makes sense that their egg cases would be smaller too.  I saw a few mantids here last year.  I'm happy to see the egg case and will keep an eye out for this new generation of helpers!

Have a great week! 

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