Monday, May 16, 2016

The Goz, Take II

Early mornings here have been full of the familiar gobble, gobble sounds of our turkeys, although I haven't actually seen one for a few months.  Sometimes the sound comes from across the pond and sometimes from the woods, but wherever they are, they're definitely active and happy!  We've had a pretty regular visitor in our treetops, too.  The barred owls are back!  Not every night, but many nights we hear them calling.  They were so loud last week that Todd and I walked outside to listen.  There were at least three owls calling - one in the yard, one in the woods, and one across the pond.  We located the back yard tree where one owl was roosting and stood right underneath.  It was too dark to see him, but we could hear him, right about our heads, hooting in rounds with the others.  I'm glad that we have so many around.

Another group of welcome visitors are "the goz."  The first group of hatchlings - aka "the big boys" - have really grown.  They're boisterous and great fun, feeding around my feet while the parents give soft warning hisses, but never bother me. 

The youngest hatchlings are growing rapidly too.  They're still the bright yellow of the very young, but have gotten much more adept at moving easily and gathering tender shoots.

Some of our visitors are a little less celebrated by one of us.  Todd, as always, maintains his anti-snake stance.  I like them, but do keep my distance.  However, I startled a 6-foot black snake last week when I went out onto the front porch to pick up a package.  I didn't notice him slithering out of a fern, but once inside, his movements caught my eye through the glass.

He looks vicious...

...but black snakes aren't venomous.  They're wonderful to have around because they eat pests like rats, squirrels, and chipmunks.  This snake could've easily bitten me, but they're very shy and rarely bite unless stepped on or threatened. 

Poor Todd didn't see it this way, especially when the snake slid up the door frame and draped itself over the door knob and house number frame.

We left him alone and he disappeared into the night.  Problem solved!

Hope you all have some welcomed visitors of your own soon, although maybe not of the serpent variety.  Have a great week! 

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