Monday, May 23, 2016

Sleeping Beauties

We've had some pretty dramatic torrential rains lately.  Can you see how brown the pond is, with the sediment churned up by the storms?

But then the sun came out, and flowers started bursting into bloom.  First, the tiny white buds on our nandina bushes started to open.

Now, nandina are members of the bamboo family and, as such, spread like crazy.  They're considered a bit of a weed here, but I've found that if you keep a few in their place and carefully trimmed, they look quite nice.  I like the flowers, but I love the beautiful red berries in the winter.

Right next to the cluster of nandina bushes is the largest of our gardenias.  I tried to plant gardenias in Indiana but the winters were too harsh for them to thrive.  It's so strange to walk outside here and see 7 or 8 gardenia bushes much taller than I am!  They are drooping with blooms now and the smell is heavenly.

I've let them get a little out of control and they're pushing through railing and blocking stairs and walkways in the back yard.  After the blooms are spent, I'll give them a hard pruning.  Right now, though, I think it looks quite romantic!

After the hard rain, a carolina wren came to rest on our back deck.  Actually, they hang out there constantly, driving the cats crazy with their loud singing and tantalizing proximity.

Rest, clean, stretch, sing, and repeat!

Of course, I've been tracking the progress of our goslings.  The babies are getting a bit gangly...

...but the 'big boys' now have feathers!  Can you see the blue ones at the wings and the black ones at the tail?

They eat...a lot.

They rest...a lot.

Kind of reminds me of Borga, who spends the day resting and dreaming in daddy's beat-up chair in preparation for a night of panting adoringly by his feet.  Priorities!  :)

Have a great week!

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