Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Collie Jollies

It's baby goat season, so we had to go to Split Creek Farms to check out the newcomers.  BABIES!!

Of course, I was crazy about the beautifully-colored birds.

Todd made a new friend, and the experience was immortalized in sketch.

Yes, we were able to buy a border collie post card, which I have hanging on our refrigerator.  It reminds me of our happy day!

Many more creatures around the house.  Lots of deer are passing through, looking for tender green shoots.  The first here is female, but look at the little stubs on the second one...definitely male!

A lovely red-tailed hawk, watching the squirrels.

Oh, my favorite...the Eastern towhee!

Lots of bluebirds flitting around.

Check out this downy woodpecker, nicely blending in between these two smaller tree trunks!

I'm bringing in a few of these guys when I gather flowers...a green magnolia jumping spider [look away if you're spider-averse!]:

I see a lot of these, because I bring in a lot of flowers.  We're in the waning days of camellia bouquet season, so I'm bringing in as many as I can...

At least it's almost azalea time!  :)

Have a great week!

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