Monday, February 20, 2017

February Pinks

For two glorious weeks in February, my favorite camellia blooms.  There's no tag on the trunk, unlike some of the others, and the landscaping plans don't mention specific plant variations.  I've looked at websites and gone on forums, and I think the variety might be Spring Sonnet.  An appropriate name!  During their brief window, I pick bunches every day.

Little bouquets...

Big bouquets.

They remind me of peonies and stay fresh in water for several days.

The helleborus are going strong...

The Snowflakes in Summer are coming up...

...and the rest of the camellias, more long-blossoming than my favorite, are still going strong.

Since it's been so warm, we decided to go to the Botanical Garden this weekend.  I'm glad we did...many of the magnolias are in bloom and look amazing!

Their daffodils are up, too.

And lots of things just on the verge!

The birds are out...

Some insects, too...

...and lots of lazy kittens in the sun.

We had a simple Valentine's Day, with small-batch chocolate cookies and board games.

Now we're opening windows, eating in the sun room, and just enjoying the weather and spring display!  The frogs have started singing in the evening.  Not the spring peepers just yet, but they're due in a couple of weeks.  It's one of my favorite sings of spring...listening for the Eastern Towhee song and the spring peepers.  Their song is pretty distinctive!

Have a great week!

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